Celebrating the Top 9 Most Worthy Argonauts of 2017!

As a pivotal stage in life draws to a close for the Class of 2017, GGHS staff members want to recognize the seniors who will leave a lasting impact long after they’ve gone off to college. This laudation takes into account not only grades and other academic components, but also a student’s involvements, successes, and character. These Argos represent the best that Grove has to offer. Argolog has invited these nine students to share their final parting words and advice for everyone at GGHS. Congratulations to this year’s Top Nine Most Worthy Argos!


Alex Nguyen:

In seventeen years of life, if I learned anything at all, it would be that most of the people who truly want to help us move up in life don’t really want anything from us in return. Not only that, but there is nothing we can do to repay that sort of debt. Most of them really want us to pay their kindness forward. Pay it forward and live a lifestyle of kindness, because being kind isn’t a single act; it is a life choice. I can shower my teachers and family with appreciation gifts, but most of them would much rather have me help someone else. Take a moment to pick someone else up, listen to their story, and take their hand like those who took mine. Hopefully I have instilled in others to be sincerely kind to others, because that, to me, is the sincerest form of gratitude.


Zoey Chu:

Thank you. Thank you, Garden Grove High, for your white walls and open hallways. For flooded Golden Fleece during the raining season and sweltering heat in Heritage Hall before it was renovated with air conditioning. I want to thank Garden Grove High for every bad memory and every fantastic one because through those memories, I was able to become the person I am now. Here I am with two weeks left of a four year journey I thought would never end to leave behind my words. I leave behind my kindness, so that the next person to stumble upon my words will understand the power of the utter beauty of recklessly messing up and then finding yourself again in these brutal but extraordinary four years.


Marissa Garcia:

Southern California is sunny, but far from sufficient, as I dare YOU to be the sunshine of someone’s day. Be deviant and emulate this welcoming warm sun. Decorate your sentences with pockets of laughter and have bounces instead of spaces between your words… especially when expressing excitement over iambic pentameter or Calculus formulas!

Be as bold as black coffee — take a sip, then take a guzzle. Greet the wallflower. Be a one-man Broadway musical in the theatre of the hallways on your way to English. Debate, for fun. Challenge your beliefs. Swallow your pride.

My final demand stems from my own regret: never find excuses for not reading.

I have lived in corners of museums and bookstores and coffeeshops and coastlines and stages and have made the world my classroom. Now Boston is my backyard, but Garden Grove — my family, friends, teachers— will always be my front porch, my welcoming warm home.


Kassidy Tran: Garden Grove High School has given me so many opportunities over these four years. With teachers who believed in me, friends who stuck by my side, and teams who encouraged me, I truly found a home among the Argonauts. I hope to serve as a reminder that Argonauts are capable of great things, if their ambition aims high. I found support all around me, in friends, teachers, coaches. My parting message to GGHS is simple: thank you for all of the memories, good and bad. These memories helped me grow into the person I am today, and will help me continue moving forward in the future. Happiness is a fluid term; you can be successful and apathetic, or unsuccessful and happy, depending on where you look for your happiness. I found it in my GGHS community, and I hope future generations of Argonauts will as well.


Sylvie Luu:

GGHS: an once unknown abyss that quickly became an unforgettable home. A place where I discovered my love for learning. A place where I’ve met people that I could not live without. A place that I love associating myself with. A place that has molded me into the person I am today.

To all the times I was incapable of controlling my laughter in class, to all the life lessons I’ve learned and continue to cherish, to all the knowledge I’ve gained and never cease to crave, to all the grades that helped me realize they would not define me, and to all the experiences that have developed my perception and understandings of the world around me— Garden Grove, it has been a pleasure.

And for those who remain, immerse yourselves in the very foundations of this school: the faculty, the students, the extracurriculars, the spirit, heck, maybe even the buildings. But most importantly, appreciate and cherish it.


Kim Ngo:

First, I want to thank all my teachers and friends for shaping to be who I am today. It is an honor for me to be where I am today with their support and love. As high school is coming to an end for me, I want to wish all the students at Garden Grove High School to enjoy their journey. Throughout high school, there will be many challenges that everyone must face. One inevitable part of life and challenge that all will face is failure. Embrace failures the same way you welcome your successes. You cannot possibly experience the joy of success without the ache of failures. With many rejections throughout my high school journey from colleges to club officers, I have learned to see my failures as my ladder to climb closer to success. Each failure brings you higher and closer to your accomplishments and success.


Amy Ngoc Ho:

High school is a symphony. Savor it. Before you know it, the symphony will end. And when it does, who will you be?  The shy girl hiding behind her double bass? If so, step out of its shadow. Dance in the light. The violin player bowing in the opposite direction? If  so, be resilient. The journey will make the end unfathomably worth it. The cellist playing so passionately that her bow resembles a weeping willow? If so, be humble. Don’t let your passion blind you to the struggle of others.  

What no one realizes is that you can be all the players in the orchestra, but the one thing you’ll always be is the conductor. You are the conductor of your own symphony. Bathe in the glory of every crescendo. Embrace every decrescendo, even if you don’t want to, because no matter how high or low, loud or soft the orchestra is playing, you will always be moving forward in your symphony.


Jennifer Huynh:

Garden Grove HS has fostered multiple opportunities for me to grow as an individual. Not only have I met people who have unconditionally supported me throughout my four years, but I have also been able to connect with different people in the community. GGHS has given me more than confidence and grit to endure obstacles; it has given me a second family, within my friends, my teammates, and my clubs. To my friends, thank you for all the laughs and adventures you’ve given me. Thank you for being my rock and support system. To my teammates, thank you for pushing me to improve past the pain and long runs. Run faster!! To my club members, thank you for inspiring me everyday to make a change in the world with your hard work and dedication. To GGHS, thank you for making me who I am today.


Tricia Viveros:

I am a firm believer in this — Follow what lights you up, and you’ll light up the world. Don’t let your heart conform to the desires of others. Life is far, far too short to be worrying about what other people think. If you find something you love, seize it — go for it with such force and tenacity that nothing and no one will stop you. To all underclassmen, high school is tough, but the hard work and sweat most definitely pays off if you simply keep your mind on the objective. Don’t get too carried away by trivial high school drama and social life — you’ve got a huge future looming ahead of you, bursting with so much potential and thrilling adventures; don’t let that slip through your fingers! Learn to leave your comfort zone and escape the bubble that so often tends to encapsulate us. There’s a marvelous world out there just waiting to be explored.