A+ Pickup Lines for Your Lover

February 17, 2017 Cathy Duong

A newspaper serves many functions: to inform, entertain, educate, something for you to use to frantically wipe up the drink you just spilled when you can’t find an actual paper towel, and now, to enrich […]

Favorite Love Song

February 17, 2017 Cathy Duong

“We were both young, when I first saw you…” There’s the start of the high school Love Story we each want to call ours, but we’ve both already read (or will read) Romeo and Juliet […]

Awkward Crush Encounters

February 17, 2017 Cathy Duong

Tell about an awkward encounter with your crush. What happened? Tiffany Chau (10): When I was in 8th grade, all of the students were sitting in the cafeteria for a typical assembly promoting chocolate or […]

S.A.D aka Single Awareness Day

February 6, 2017 Mimi Nguyen

No significant other? No problem. Feel left out on the Valentine’ Day festivities? Disappointed that Cupid hasn’t struck you with his arrow? Don’t fret! Grab your favorite junk food, a blanket to cuddle with, and […]

What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

January 24, 2017 Cathy Duong

We’ve all made mistakes, and what better way to fix those than with New Year’s resolutions? New Year’s resolutions are goals people set for themselves at the beginning of the year to improve their lifestyles […]

Highlight of My 2016

December 15, 2016 Cathy Duong

Looking back, 2016 was one rough year. There was the death of Prince, David Bowie, Muhammad Ali, and even Harambe. America was restless with protests against police brutality, racism, and the results of the presidential […]

Our Favorite Holiday Traditions

December 14, 2016 Cathy Duong

Traditions have been passed down from many generations, and it is what make holiday special beside the actual event. Holiday traditions are not only celebrated with family, but they are also spend with friends. You […]

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