We Will Psych You!

May 7, 2015 Julie Nguyen

Students donned white “Kentucky Freud Chicken” and other psychology pun t-shirts as they entered La Quinta’s gym May 1st to attend the 6th annual Psych Bowl. Each year, four schools come together to compete in […]

No Picture

“Love” Stories of Garden Grove

February 11, 2015 Natalie Hai

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and many people have their nights booked. On this day reserved for love, nothing less than romance can be expected. From gooey to hopeless to lonely, everyone wants to know: what’s the most romantic thing […]

Argos, Let’s SCRAM

February 2, 2015 Madalyn Spangler

On November 15, Latin students and teachers alike were invited to walk the streets of Ancient Rome, participate in carnival games, academic competitions, sports and make crafts, — all while attending this year’s SCRAM! Southern […]

Thanksgiving: An Offer of Thanks

February 2, 2015 Khoa Vu

Thanksgiving is nearing, and it’s almost time for our first break of the school year. Anxiously anticipating for the Thanksgiving break, most of us are probably planning on how our time off will be spent; […]

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