Taking An Art Class: Creating A New You

November 9, 2017 Kyle Lagahit

Growing up, art was probably most people’s favorite subject. In elementary and middle school, we took nonacademic classes, like art, without much concern about how it’ll look on our transcript.. However, upon entering high school, […]

SCRAM 2017: Continuing the Latin Legacy

November 6, 2017 Ann Le

Each year in the Fall, Latin students all across Southern California gather to attend the Southern California Amici Madness (SCRAM) convention. Through the exhilarating event, students are able to connect with others who share the […]

How to Survive Freshman Year!

September 25, 2017 Ann Le

Jennifer Truong (10): Don’t stress your freshman year but always keep schoolwork on your mind! Christine Vu (10): Don’t procrastinate; but at the same time, have fun- it’s your freshman year ,the easiest year! Christina […]

June Horoscopes

June 8, 2017 Cathy Duong

ARIES: There’s only one way to guarantee yourself protection against sunburns: put out the sun. Just do it. There will be absolutely no repercussions whatsoever.   TAURUS: Love in summer. Have a blast. Don’t let […]

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