Personal Statement: Ann Lee (2013)

August 16, 2014 Julie Nguyen

People and nature are interconnected.  As a child brought up in a rural, agriculturally based community in Vietnam, I knew this without needing to be taught. I learned this by observing the way my uncle […]

Personal Statement: Alex Tann (2014)

July 1, 2014 Julie Nguyen

Alex Tann graduated in the year 2014 with a legacy tucked under his name. He was a leader in many clubs, participated in both varsity basketball and track, and maintained a GPA of 4.17. Accepted into UCI, UC Davis, […]

Jasmine Agapinan (2013)

October 11, 2013 Julie Nguyen

It was a cold January day, I was grumpy from the fact that I had to wake up at all.  My dad dropped me off and said, “I love you” as I sighed and slammed […]

Catherine Vu (2013)

September 20, 2013 Julie Nguyen

“Jump the leap of faith Catherine!” My classmates screamed below as I tried to make sense of my own nerve-wrecking thoughts. I looked all around me- the rope was about five feet in front of […]

Sarah Ho (2013)

September 13, 2013 Julie Nguyen

My older sister Arlene has taught me many things, from reading to playing Pokemon, that have helped me define who I am. Growing up, Arlene excelled in everything: tennis, academics, music; the whole shebang.  Everyone loved […]

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