Athlete Profile: Ve’a Guata

January 6, 2017 Khanh-An Vu

Ve’a’s, like many of the top five, bring the spirit of the team together. As one of the post, Ve’a get pushed around a lot on court, but she managed to get through and go […]

Athlete Profile: Javier Gonzalez

January 5, 2017 Cathy Duong

Javier Gonzalez (10) is a sophomore in his second year on the wrestling team. Wrestling doesn’t come easy for anyone, and Gonzalez knows this for a fact. That’s why he’s determined to work hard this […]

Athlete Profile: Tyler Tafolla

January 4, 2017 Cathy Duong

Tyler Tafolla (12) is a 4-year senior on the wrestling team. He’s been working hard ever since he joined the sport in freshman year and hasn’t given up since, despite the challenges of making weight […]

Athlete Profile: Lalo Jimenez

January 4, 2017 Cathy Duong

Lalo Jimenez (11) has been wrestling even before he entered high school and became a strong part of GGHS wrestling team. His goal this season is to make it past CIF and win some team […]

Athlete Profile: Nate Tran

January 4, 2017 Cathy Duong

Nate Tran (11) is heading into his second year of wrestling on a great start. His personal goal is to be the Heavyweight League Champion for the next two years. Through hard work and motivation […]

Athlete Profile: Jordan Harris

December 22, 2016 Tiffany Than

Jordan is the team’s primary post player. That’s a tough position to play but he does his best. There’s great potential in him to make this season one to remember! If you have any, what […]

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