Casino Royale: How’d You Play Your Cards?

Seniors and Juniors put on their best suits and dresses to make the 40 minute journey South on June 4, 2016 for GGHS’s prom, “Casino Royale”. Organized by the Class of 2017, this event was hosted at Soka University. The four hour event featured blackjack tables, a caricature artist, a jazz band, a photo booth, and a rave room.

It was a marvelous, magical, wonderful night. Under the full moon of a cloudless, bleary starred sky, smooth, soulful jazz eased prom goers into a rare sense of reverential bliss.  Whether going with friends or a significant other, all attendees felt the night’s romance: the University’s Tuscan-inspired architecture, the warm Aliso Viejo climate, and the awareness that this night would become a once-in-a-lifetime memory all came together for a single night of unbridled jubilation. But don’t take it from us! Here are some first hand accounts!

Peter Chang (12): It was the experience of a lifetime.

Dillon Janocha (12): Prom was barrels of fun. From the fountain of chocolate to the band of swing and dance, I had fun. It helped that I was with my best friends.

Jessica Pegueros (12): It was amazing. I loved everything, from the dance floor to the caricatures. I wish I could relive that night all over again.

Hong Tran (12): I loved the jazz band. It gave the night a very classy yet fun atmosphere.

Bryan Nguyen (12): Prom was a surplus of emotions. It was enchanting, tiresome, and of course, memorable.

Angela Tran (12): The girls looked Beyonce-gorgeous and the boys were okay.

Livia Nguyen (12): Everyone’s prom pics were magical and everyone that went to Grove’s prom slayed everyone else.

Bryan Cuevas (12): It was unforgettable, especially because it was my first high school dance.

Emily Wysocki (12): Prom was everything I could have imagined it to be, but better. The dancing, the venue… everything was on point and I only wish it could’ve lasted.

Tommy Hoang (12): I’ve been to many proms, and I can say that this one was the best!

Kayleen Ho (12): The best part of prom was dressing up and getting ready with all your girlfriends!

Austin Noss (12): Out of all four years, this was definitely the best prom we’ve had. They went over the top this year!

Talia Kieu (12): Much fun, very enjoy

Alyssa Torres (12): So fun seeing my friends all dolled up for the first time! It’s nice to see everyone not ugly for a change.

Robert Sabino (12): Prom was great! My date and I were euphoric, she felt that our school was great, warm, and friendly. Shoutout to all the Argos at prom for a super experience. Party is a lifestyle.

Florencia Ferro (12): The line for the photobooth was so long, but it was still fun because we danced in line!

Joshua Bravo (12): Prom was great because my date was great!

Eriana Moreno (12): Prom was really fun, I really liked playing at the blackjack tables and dancing! No night can replace it.

Cristian Recinos (12): I appreciate the chocolate fountain. I have never loved anyone as much as I have loved that chocolate fountain.

Crystelle Casillas (12): I had a lot of fun at prom with my boyfriend! Music was good, and chocolate was great.

Michelle Gonzalez (12): I loved prom and seeing how hot everyone looked! It was a great senior experience being able to dance all night and have fun with my favorite people

Daniel Chavez (12): Prom was fun because we all danced like crazy and laughed the whole night. It was definitely a night worth remembering.