Capturing The Moment: Jonathan Romero (11)

Our passions are reflections of who we are and who we want to be. They serve as way to express ourselves, whether it is through music, paintings, or photography, like Jonathan Romero (11).

Jonathan always had a profound love for photography but never had the right equipment to showcase that very love. Instead, he’d use his “friend’s phones because they had better picture quality compared to [his] phone at the time.” Eventually, he obtained a used camera, and Jonathan used it anywhere and at anytime of the day.

Since then, he has taken many pictures that have helped him fully express himself
with the help of social media, specifically Instagram. This platform allowed him to showcase his skills and love of photography to the public. This later gave him the opportunity to shoot for a wedding, “[his] first official paying job” and “a great experience that enhanced [his] working abilities and photography skills.”

At first, his father saw photography as a hobby rather than a stable paying job for Jonathan. However, after watching him from the sidelines, his father has come to understand that Jonathan is serious and passionate about photography.

Thus, his father decided to help. Jonathan shares, “With the help of my father and the money I gained from shooting the wedding event, I was able to buy a new camera.” Now, his father is one of the few people who understands and support his love for the art.

Another platform that has helped Jonathan grow as a photographer is Youtube. Besides watching Vine compilation videos and famous YouTubers’ vlogs, Jonathan has used this platform to learn tips and tricks from professional photographers.

After surfing through many videos, Jonathan came across the channel of a photographer named Jessica. Ever since then, Jessica has been a great influence on him and has “inspired him to change from different photography styles and techniques, and explore with different objects and textures.” One of the new techniques Jonathan learned was changing the appearance of a well known location by changing the angle of his camera, giving an ordinary scene a refreshing look, unlike what others are used to.

With these newfound skills and experiences that he has gained throughout the years, Jonathan hopes to be hired for more shooting events such as the wedding. Through the use of Instagram, he hopes more and more people will recognize his abilities and hire him. He wishes to “grow big on social media while capturing moments and grow into a professional photographer in the future.”