California Scholarship Federation

One of the many clubs you can find on Garden Grove High School’s campus is none other than the California Scholarship Federation. Originally proposed by Mr. Charles F. Seymour in 1916, the main mission of the club mainly focuses on encouraging students to strive for a higher academic achievement as well as serve their community. The motto: Scholarship for Service. Joining CSF makes members eligible to numerous tuition scholarships offered by the state colleges as long as a few handpicked colleges nationwide. With many opportunities being brought to the attention of many students of Garden Grove High School who are eligible for free money, this sounds too good to be true! Nonetheless, opportunities are out there for those who seek it.

Some people may question, “what are the chances of receiving a scholarship out of the many eligible candidates that reside in California?” Believe it or not, the California Scholarship Federation committee nominates approximately fifty students to receive tuitions ranging from two thousand to five thousand dollars based upon: character, leadership abilities, and volunteer service. Fortunately, being apart of an academic club also highlights just how hard working and dedicated students are in making a difference within the community; although receiving acknowledgement and rewards for such a thing may seem hopeless, colleges will note the time and requirements that are to be met when in this club. Not only will the club ultimately become an asset or aid for those impending college applications, President Xina Tran (12) mentions how they “shed light on other ways tuitions could be obtained and expose a multitude of new opportunities for their members as they dedicate their time volunteering at various events”. On top of fulfilling the 2 year commitment of CSF, scholars who keep up with their grades and reach the minimum of service hours per semester receive a stole for their accomplishments to showcase on graduation.

As a result, the California Scholarship Federation becomes this holy grail that is easily obtainable through academic success and giving back to the community. Classified as a win on either sides of the spectrum, Garden Grove High School’s CSF encourages everyone to join whether they are an under or upperclassmen.