Boys Volleyball: Next Stop — CIF!

That’s a wrap! Our boys volleyball has successfully served up a great season and are looking forward to CIF, but first, let’s take a quick recap to recognize all of the hard work and dedication that has been shown throughout all three levels. Since our last update, our boys were resiliently working towards obtaining the title league champs, but unfortunately fell short. After countless practices, our boys burned out too soon however made it a challenge for La Quinta to claim league champs; their efforts and skills have landed them third in league but are looking to defeat Bolsa and La Quinta at CIF.

Shortly after defeating the Cavaliers, our boys continued to sweep the Vaqueros! Varsity coming out with (3-0) and junior varsity keeping up intense sets but managed to pull off (1-2). Against the Matadors, due to prior practice interferences, our varsity boys kept the matches close but ended up (0-3), junior varsity was also caught into the trend and had 3 close sets that resulted in (1-2), and the frosh defeated Bolsa (2-1). In the final league match against La Quinta, our frosh started strong in the first set and fought for second set, however lost that match but decided to redeem themselves with the tough third set (2-1). Junior varsity also led in the beginning of their match but lost (1-2). Varsity however played 5 intense matches, the crowd was screaming and cheering for every point, eventually the Aztecs pulled through on a couple of lucky attacks and our boys came out (2-3). Despite the end of season, our boys fought hard against the toughest teams in our district and can look back on their past matches and agree that they were doing their best.

Junior Varsity captain Andrew Doan (11) comments on how the most enjoyable moments of season consisted of constantly putting forth their effort and fine tuning their abilities so that they may improve in preparations for the upcoming season. Andrew also adds, “ shoutout to my team for playing their best” while commending how they have grown to trust each other thus enhancing the family aspect of the program. Dominic Nguyen (11) highlights how intense the varsity games would be and how he and his teammates would enjoy engaging in a “cheer battle” with the opposing school, increasing their moral and pride. Tyler Dinh (9) can recall improving as a player overall and enjoying the times when he first played left; he also gives a shout out to his team insisting that they’ve grown to become “brothers” and is grateful for spending every practice together. With this, the season ends with countless good times and many worthwhile relationships that are to be continued outside of season.