Boys Tennis Wins at League Finals!

Coming from a successful league, three of the singles and three of the doubles went to league finals. For league finals, each singles player or doubles team plays individually  for ranking in our league.  Playing singles, we had Gene Pham (12), Vinh Ly (11), and Alex Nguyen (11). As for doubles, we had Thomas Chu (12) and Bryan Tang (12), Aaron Mai (12) and Andrew Truong (11), and Deion Lam (12) and Newton Le (12).

In the first round, we had Gene up against a sophomore from Bolsa Grande. He easily won (2-0) sets. As for Vinh, he went up against a senior from Rancho and also won (2-0). Lastly, Alex played against a senior from Bolsa, coming out victorious with a (2-0). All our singles moved onto second round! Moving onto doubles, Thomas and Bryan played against a team from Los Amigos winning (2-0). Aaron and Andrew played against Santiago and also won (2-0). Finally, Deion and Newton faced a team from Bolsa and won (2-0). All of our doubles also moved onto the second round! This is a great accomplishment already.

In the second round, Gene played our very own Vinh. Sadly for Vinh, Gene beat him (2-0), allowing him to move into Semis. Gene comments, “I can’t wait to enter finals.” Alex faced off against a player from La Quinta, but sadly lost (0-2). Furthermore, our doubles had an easier time than our singles. Thomas and Bryan played a team from Rancho and won (2-0), making it into Semis. Aaron and Andrew went up against Rancho and had a tough time in the beginning but picked themselves back up to win (2-1). Deion and Newton played La Quinta and won a close game (2-1). All our doubles passed first round into Semis!

The next day, Semis and Finals took place. Gene, in Semis played someone from La Quinta, easily winning (2-0). He advanced to Finals. Moving onto doubles, two teams from Grove had to play each other. Unluckily for Deion and Newton, they had to play against Thomas and Bryan and lost (2-0) to them. Thomas and Bryan moved onto Finals! As for Aaron and Andrew, they played a team from La Quinta. They were up in the beginning but sadly lost (2-1).

In the Finals, Gene played the notorious Ryan Nguyen, a senior from La Quinta who won the League Champion title the previous year. Gene lost the first set (4-6) and was close in the second set (5-5) when he got a terrible cramp, forcing him to have to forfeit. Gene placed second in all of league for singles. Congratulations!

As for Thomas and Bryan, they played also the infamous Teddy Nguyen and Ryan Nguyen from La Quinta in Finals. Thomas and Bryan lost to Teddy and Ryan during season in a tiebreaker both rounds, but that didn’t stop them from staying positive! In the first set, Thomas and Bryan won (7-5) in a close one. The second set was much closer, having all of the spectators on edge. Ryan Vu (10), who was in the audience comments, “It was intense because you don’t normally see games too often where both opponents are equally skilled, making the match more interesting and fun to watch!” The second set was much closer, having them go into tiebreaker. Hitting a winning crosscourt shot, both Thomas and Bryan are now League Champions for doubles! After the match, Bryan says, “Thomas and I played some of our best tennis today. I’m very proud of our season we had and I’d like to thank every one of my teammates for helping us become League Champions.” Thomas also adds, “Thanks to Coach Lou for teaching me what I know and for Bryan Tang for being an amazing partner for 2 years.”

Congratulations to Thomas Chu and Bryan Tang for getting that League Champion title! Good job to everyone! Keep on playing well and good luck for next year!