Boys Tennis In CIF!

Due to being co-League Champions with La Quinta, that means that our boys tennis team is a wildcard! In order to officially be in CIF, they had to play against Kennedy High School on May 9. Finishing up the sets swiftly, the match ended (13-5). Our boys are officially in first round of CIF!

First round was an away game against Mayfair on May 10. Deion Lam (12) comments, “I was confident going into the match and we did end up winning, even with subs.” Away games are nerve racking, but the boys dealt with it perfectly! They came out victorious winning (11-7). They’ve successfully made it to second round to face off against Jserra They’re going to be hard team to beat but Gene Pham (12) adds, “everyone is going to try their best despite the fact that they are a tough opponent. Hopefully we can win through luck!”

Moving onto second round against Jserra on May 12, the team spirit was alive. The team stayed positive knowing their small chances. Thomas Chu (12) tells us, “It was pretty easy until Jserra. We went through a tough trial against ourselves as players trying to figure out our own game along with trying to counter theirs.” It was a suspenseful game watching each of the players on the court. Sadly, they ended up losing (6-12).

It was a great CIF journey the boys had this year, and hopefully next year they’ll make it even further. Congratulations on such a successful season as league champions and making it to second round of CIF!!