Boys Tennis: CIF Individuals

Once again, our doubles #1 and singles #1 made it into CIF Individuals. Recapping CIF with the team, they made it to second round but lost to Jserra (6-12), but that’s not the end for our #1 singles and doubles.

For singles, we have Gene Pham (11). It was unfortunate for him though, because in the first round, he was up against someone from Laguna Hills. The first set played out and resulted in a close game of (4-6), but the second game came out to be (2-6). Gene lost first round (0-2) sets. That didn’t bring him down though, since he still has until next year to improve even more! He comments that it was “freezing cold, but I managed to play well after a quick warm up.” Also, one thing that he’s happy about was that he “got to see Stefan (Rank 7) play and he gave the vision of the next level tennis.” At CIF Individuals, there were many ranked players there and as they boys said, it was an honor to be able to watch them play.

As for doubles, Thomas Chu (12) and Bryan Tang (12) were supposed to play against a doubles team from Cerritos, but lucky for them, Cerritos came late to the tournament and had to forfeit the game. This means that Thomas and Bryan moved onto second round by default. In this round they played against two singles players that partnered up to be doubles for the match from Mater Dei. They were a very tough team to play and the first game ended up (1-6). The second game was slightly better with a score of (2-6). They lost second round (0-2). Thomas adds, “It was a tough match against a very solid team but we tried to play our own game and ended up with that L. It’s great to play teams that we would have never played against before in season.”

The boys are keeping a positive attitude despite their loss, and that’s what true sportsmanship is. This is the end for Thomas and Bryan’s tennis journey in high school, but they ended on a good note as Doubles League Champions. Gene still has his senior year to bring the team to victory once again, and for  himself. Congratulations once again on your amazing tennis journey this year!