Board @ Lunch Club: Ever felt “board” at lunch?

It’s lunchtime at Garden Grove High School, and you have absolutely no idea what to do. You just got lunch, but what are you going to do after you’ve finished eating? Have no fear! Jenna Nguyen (12) had a brilliant idea this year to bring together students who were “bored” at lunch. Jenna is the founder and president of her new club,“Board @ Lunch.” The name is exactly as it sounds. If you’re ever “bored at lunch,” then the “Board @ Lunch” club is for you! You can come to room 222 (Ms. Dinh’s room) to play different kinds of board games and interact with your peers.

According to Jenna, “After finishing registration for classes, I realized I had to stay behind for lunch. So basically I was trying to find something fun to do.” She realized that rather than sitting at a bench and scrolling through her phone, there was another way to occupy herself- and not only by herself, but with other people who need to find a way to occupy themselves too. “Also, the atmosphere on campus has shifted due to social media and technology,” Jenna notes, “It’s as if no one’s looking up anymore. So we’re changing the culture.” With a lot of students caught up in technology, Jenna wanted to find a different way to bring together these students.

Instead of looking down at your phone during all of lunchtime, Jenna “wanted something that felt old fashioned, something that people could come together and work on but have fun at the same time.” These include basic board games and card games that are quick, easy, and  don’t require technology — board games like Uno, Monopoly, Jenga and more. Publicity Chair, Aaron Tran (12) says, “Our club’s objective is to create an inclusive community amongst the GGHS campus, making new friends, and having fun!”

What she found simple was choosing board members. These members consist of “a bunch of people [Jenna] played games with put together.” It was not hard to “make it diverse as possible, including those who would bring their groups of friends to come play so we could connect with a larger amount of friends!” Recording Secretary, Julie Nguyen (12) adds that the club “is a place where you can come socialize with friends while playing any kind of board game.” The board members include vice president, Kevin Nguyen (12), treasurer, Ethan Terry (12), recording secretary, Julie Nguyen (12), corresponding secretary, Mark Pham (12), ICC rep, Brad Tran (12), publicity chair, Aaron Tran (12), events coordinator, Khoi Phan (12), and projects chair, Morris Dam (12). Look out for these board members if you have any questions about joining this club.

It’s not only students who enjoy the board games. In fact, Jenna says, “Ms. Dinh actively plays with us as well, and it’s kind of funny to connect to a teacher like that. Like working together with a teacher and having fun opposed to having lessons being taught and such.” Teachers join in on the fun too! Don’t worry if you think it’ll all just be specifically board games because it’s basically “things that are quick and easy, things that don’t require technology, and really it’s just a punny name that sounds cool.” One day, she wants to try to incorporate Big Jenga, a game she can have everyone participate in to create and play together.

Well, what about her plans for this club in the future? “Although it’s mainly just a small group of people playing board games, I want to incorporate themed days, or maybe different stations so we could all be in one space together doing something. For now, we’re just playing games but maybe this could expand to a community project where we start interacting with kids at a library or so, playing strategic games.” The new club, Board @ Lunch is a unique club that students should definitely be looking forward to. Meetings are held every other Wednesday and Friday depending on the board game. Who knows how far this club can go? Great start, Jenna!