Black Friday survey: What would you fight for on Black Friday?

What is the first thing you’d want to buy on Black Friday?

If you like good bargains and great deals, then you’re probably excited about one of the biggest sales coming up– Black Friday! Black Friday is right around the corner! The clothes, $30 shoes, and expensive electronics that you’ve been wanting for so long is about to go on sale! This is also the perfect opportunity for you to save money and find an early Christmas gift! So, what is the first thing you’d want to buy on Black Friday and why?  

Ryan Bui (10): The first thing I would buy on Black Friday is a Lonzo Ball t-shirt.

Christina Le (10): I would buy nothing and wait for cyber Monday because I wanna leave the house.

Nathan Tran (9): I would buy a Nintendo Switch or a new gaming monitor.

Sebastian Castro (11): I would buy some J’s so I’m lookin’ fly in school.

Jeanette Nguyen (11): Hot cheetos. I will always buy hot cheetos.

Thomas Vu (11): A 6-foot teddy bear so I can have something to finally hug.

Christina Nguyen (11): A laptop because they’re cheap!

Michelle Tran (10): A lifetime supply of strawberry Poptarts. I love strawberry Poptarts.

Thomas Nguyen (11): Big Baller Brand ZO2. Everything.

David Vu (11): Clothes, specifically shoes and to save money for Cyber Monday.

Jennifer Truong(10): Mark Tuan posters; maybe a life.

Katherine Vu(10): The first thing I’d buy on Black Friday are Uggs because I’m basic.

Mai Howard(10): The first thing I’d buy on Black Friday is a dog.

Albert Vo(10): The first thing I’d buy on Black Friday is food. The answer is always food.

Stephanie Tran(10): The first thing I’d buy on Black Friday is the new iPhone X!

Ryan Lam(12): The first thing I’d buy on Black Friday is a car (if money wasn’t a problem).

Ana Averlarde (10): The first thing I’d buy on Black Friday is anything electronic related. That’s all people go shopping for on Black Friday anyways.

Jasmine Gonzalez (12): The first thing I’d buy on Black Friday is a fridge. Just because.

Anonymous: I’d buy a hoodie on Black Friday because my friend and I would overwear it.

Trinh Vo (12): I would buy a cowfish because those things are hella expensive but they’re precious and I want a little cheese block to go on adventures with!

John Nguyen (11): The first thing I’d buy on Black Friday is a boyfriend.

Selina Huynh (12): I am broke.

Kyle Dang (11): The first thing I would buy is either better video cards or school supplies.

Tiffany Nguyen (11): I would waste all $10.87 on candy.

Sandra Ninh (11): The first thing I would buy on Black Friday more lead pencils and pens because they magically disappear throughout the whole school year.

Jennifer Pham (11): Probably the laptop I’ve been wanting, a new drawing tablet, or a better camera.

Keri Tate (12): I would buy a coffee grinder to grind my own coffee beans!

Kayla Ruvalcaba (11): A laptop! So I can actually do my homework in peace.

Natalie Nguyen (10): The first thing I would buy on Black Friday are black Adidas.

Minh Nhu Tran (11): First thing I’d buy at Black Friday would be another jacket for the winter. Brr!

Tiffany Vu (11): I would buy a life on Black Friday.

Kimberly Alvarez (11): All of the Kendrick Lamar and 21 Savage Gear and clothes from Pink and Forever 21.

Anna Le (11): I would buy a trash can to upgrade my home.

Dennis Nguyen (11): Pokémon Ultra Moon or a Switch.

Cindy Tran (11): For Black Friday my family is planning to take me out to Fry’s to buy a computer for my birthday. I won’t be buy anything else until I get that computer!

Leslie Garcia (10): I’d go to dollar tree and buy everything for even cheaper.

Alan Mai (10): I would buy an Amazon Echo, just because I don’t have one.

Liam Vo (10): I would buy a new monitor for my computer.

Leyna Nguyen(10): I would buy riot points for League of Legends.

Kayla Rafael (10): I would just buy a bunch of board games.

Johan Silva (11): I would want to buy Fifa 18.

Edgar Navarrete (11): I would want to buy an iPad or a Macbook.

Emily Dinh (11): New Jolyn swim suits.

Jonathan Guzmán (11): A brand new computer because mine is full of malware.

Evelyn Diaz (11): I would buy liquid blushes and bronzers from Sephora.

Jessica Barron (11): A new phone for my mom because her iPhone 5c barely works so it sucks.

Jorge Anastacio (10): A Japanese imported Pokemon game.

Michael Nguyen (10): Fidget spinners and a Nintendo Switch!

Aaron Nguyen (10): NBA 2k18, a basketball game.

Christine Vu (10): A new laptop, because it will be on sale!

Alvin Vo (10): Pencils because I’m running low on them and they are very expensive.

Alma Contreras (12): A couple of hoodies.

Kayla Cornejo (12): I would buy a TV.

Jennifer Dang (12): Weird socks.

Jessica Lindsay (12): Cute shoes or dog treats because I want to spoil my dogs!

Sonnianne Pham (11): KFC because there won’t be a line for my Kentucky ga chien.

Long Nguyen (12): Do college applications get a discount on Black Friday?

Kelly Chau (12): I would buy shoes.

Caden pham (12) : A girlfriend.

Cassidy Nguyen (9): Basketballs and basketball shoes.

Natalie Duran (10): More clothes so you can shop ‘til you drop.

April Ly (10): Anything from Pink because everything there is cute.

Peter Nguyen (12): Your phone number.

Dan Le (10): An ostrich.

Leyna Le (9): More fuzzy socks.

Kim Vuong (9): A new Hydro Flask because mine broke.

Chi Vu (10): A new laptop.

Jennifer Huynh (12): I don’t go Black Friday shopping…

Alex Tran (9): My parents’ love.

Kassandra Ibarra (12): An entry to college.

Kathy Nguyen (12): You.

Melvin Bautista (12): Biggest TV I can afford with one dollar.

Ana Jimenez (12): A full ride to college.

Jazmin Diaz (12): A will to live.

Jacqueline Dang (12): Someone to do all my college apps for me.

Jimmy Lee (12): My Soundcloud.

Kyle Nguyen (12): I want to buy a dad that’ll be in my life.

Keri Tate (12): A coffee grinder to get me through those college apps!

Tina Hoang (10): Chicken strips.

Nancy Ly (9): I’d get blankets!

Emily Dinh (11): Probably bright Jolyns.

Victoria Pham (10): My freedom.

Mindy Nguyen (10): I’d like graphic tees.

Vincent Thai (10): Boba!

Dylan Nguyen (10): Ton fo socks!

Alan Lam (11): The first thing I’d buy on Black Friday is a gaming PC/computer set.