Big Brother: Loc Vu (10)

You bring up his name, and everyone’s face immediately lights up. He turns heads and bring smiles to students and staff through the smallest of actions, from greeting a teacher in class to saying hello to students in the hallway. He’s very well known around school campus, and his name is Loc Vu!

Though only a sophomore, Loc Vu already has a lot on his plate: he takes care of his four sisters, his grades, water polo, Boy’s League, and AVID club. His busy schedule, however, does not stop him from being a person of admirable character.

He joined football in his freshman year. Although he enjoyed being on the Frosh team, he unfortunately tore his meniscus in his right leg and had to have it operated on. However, being the Mighty Loc that he is, he quickly recovered and joined waterpolo this year. As captain of the JV team, he’s accomplishing a lot. “It was quite difficult moving sports… I went from running on the grass everyday to swimming the whole summer,” Loc shares.

Loc lives with his four sisters that are 7, 9, 11, and 13 years old. He goes home every day to cook for his sisters and make sure they finish their homework. He treats his sisters with respect and wants to help them become people  with good hearts. He teaches them how to play sports,but he feels as though he can’t bond over “bro” things with them. Loc did, however, get his sisters into video games, which has become one of his ways of bonding with them.

It was only through joining Boys’ League that Loc gained a second family and understood the sense of brotherhood. Fellow member of Boys’ League Vincent Thai (10) says, “Loc makes everything more fun and knows how to brighten up the mood of any situation. He also gets my respect for doing so many activities at school and at home.”

Loc Vu has overcome many challenges outside and inside of school. He’s under heavy pressure every day as the eldest brother of his family, JV Waterpolo captain, a member of Boys’ League, and a high school student.  

But Loc is undeterred. He believes it’s all about time management, being willing to make sacrifices, and keeping a strong mindset. He follows by this motto to encourage himself to challenge himself: “Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it.”