No Shave November at GGHS!

What’s with everyone growing out their hair this month? Brace yourselves guys, get ready for a month of bad facial hair! But don’t worry, it’s all part of a cause called No Shave November. During the whole month of November, participants grow out their hair! That means no shaving or haircuts, but you can groom and trim yourselves to look presentable. The money that participants would use on razors or trips to the salon, instead they would donate it to the cause.

The cause No Shave November has been around before but in 2009, the family based organization was taken on by the Hills family after their father passed away due to colon cancer. In 2004, a similar cause was established, Movember. Movember is a foundation for raising awareness for men’s health issues. Male participants go on a month-long journey and grow out just their mustache. No Shave November has partnered up with American Cancer Society, Fight Colorectal Cancer, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to raise funds for them to research and to raise awareness.

Participants in No Shave November walk around with out of the norm facial hair and when people inquire about their hairy faces, the participant can talk about No Shave November and raise awareness for cancer, research, and education. This is a way so people can embrace the hair that patients would lose due to cancer treatments such as chemotherapy. Join the cause and let’s get hairy!

mr-lunow mr-osborne

Our very own Mr. Osborne and Mr. Lunow are participating in No Shave November!