Athlete Profile: Minh-Thi Le (12)

  1. If you have any, what are some of your pre-game routine? Pre-game meal?
  2. How long have you been playing this sport and what got you into it?
  3. What was something you got out of this sport?
  4. How has being part of the team change you?
  5. Role model/inspiration
  6. Biggest challenge?
  7. What pushed you past your limit?
  8. Memorable game?
  9. If this sport was gone, what other sport would you choose to play?
  10. Did you ever hit a breaking point during training or game? If so, how did you get out of it?
  11. How do you mentally prepare before the game?
  1. I usually jump up and down , to get excited for the match. Shoutout to Tiffany Huynh. I try to breathe and relax.I don’t want to think about winning but more on the set and other players’ techniques.
  2. I sometimes eat a cucumber. Bananas.
  3. This will be my fourth year, I actually joined tennis because I thought i would look cool. Turns out I don’t look cool in general,even with a racket in my hand.
  4. That I curse way too much when I play tennis, also many friends and a drive to push myself to always try my best.
  5. I get to be apart of a team that I deeply cherish and respect. They are some of the best people I’ve met in highschool.
  6. Ashley Truong, the #1 singles for 2015. She was smart, kind, and a great player. Serena Williams, women empowerment and a minority. I deeply admire her as a tennis player.
  7. Definitely this year, it is my first time playing doubles as starting. I’ve played singles for the last three years so adjusting has been a big challenge.
  8. Conditioning (Hell Week) for the first time as a freshman. I have never ran or sweated that much over in my life.
  9. We played against Rancho freshman year and the score was tied at 9-9 with games at 67-67 meaning everything was tied. If someone would’ve lost a point, we could have lost the match.
  10. I’d play badminton but Grove doesn’t have a team
  11. Yes, playing with a partner for the first  time for preseason. I was so mad because I was messing up and forgetting all my strategy.