Athlete Profile: Emiliano Becerril (11)

  1. If you have any, what are some of your pre-game routine? Pre-game meal?
  2. How long have you been playing this sport and what got you into it?
  3. What was something you got out of this sport?
  4. How has being part of the team change you?
  5. Role model/inspiration
  6. Biggest challenge?
  7. What pushed you past your limit?
  8. Memorable game?
  9. If this sport was gone, what other sport would you choose to play?
  10. Did you ever hit a breaking point during training or game? If so, how did you get out of it?
  11. How do you mentally prepare before the game?
  1. I usually eat pasta the night before or anything really.
  2. This’ll be my second year of XC and what got me into it was that I liked running.
  3. I made friends doing XC and increased my strength mentally and physically.
  4. It changed me by being more confident and determined.
  5. My inspiration are my XC and Track friends because not only they make me want to run as fast as them but also do well in school and don’t know what I’d be without them.
  6. My biggest challenege right now is to beat on of my teammates, Roberto Pioquinto.
  7. What made me past my limit was the support of teammates and friends who cheered me on since the beginning to the end.
  8. Well, my most memorable race was when I beat William Han, my team competitor at the time, and remembering how happy I was to finally beat him.
  9. I’ll most likely would play basketball.
  10. I’ve hit my first breaking point in my first year of XC in which I wasn’t able to pass my time so I tried my best to work on my pace and was able to overcome it in my most memorable race in XC.
  11. I love listening to music before a race, it pumps up my morale and it gets me focused.