Athlete Profile: Dominik Sanchez (12)

  1. If you have any, what are some of your pre-game routine? Pre-game meal?
  2. How long have you been playing this sport and what got you into it?
  3. What was something you got out of this sport?
  4. How has being part of the team change you?
  5. Role model/inspiration
  6. Biggest challenge?
  7. What pushed you past your limit?
  8. Memorable game?
  9. If this sport was gone, what other sport would you choose to play?
  10. Did you ever hit a breaking point during training or game? If so, how did you get out of it?
  11. How do you mentally prepare before the game?
  1. I listen to music to get me hyped and stretch. We have a different meals every week, sometimes something like Yogi’s or Subway.
  2. I have played football for eight years and my family got me into it.
  3. I’ve learned a lot of discipline and to love each of my teammates like my own brothers.
  4. Being on this team has changed me by learning to not give up on myself and my team and to always motivate each other.
  5. My role model is Darren Sproles.
  6. It’s been hard to maintain good grades and football
  7. My family has always wanted the best out of me. They want me to be the best off and on the field.
  8. Laguna Hills because I showed the coaches and fans what I could do.
  9. I would love to play soccer. I’ve played soccer for six years and my dad has always been there to coach me.
  10. I did in sophomore year because I didn’t feel like playing, but my mom didn’t let me stop.
  11. I usually talk to my teammates about our gameplay and what our assignments are on the field.