Athlete Profile: Ciana Putnam (12)

The middle hitter of the varsity volleyball, Ciana Putnam (12) always has a smile on and off the court and she has improved her skills throughout the season. Tiffany Chau (11) is proud of “Her achievements and developments in volleyball.”

  1. If you have any, what are some of your pre-game routine? Pre-game meal?
  2. How long have you been playing this sport and what got you into it?
  3. What was something you got out of this sport?
  4. How has being part of the team change you?
  5. Role model/inspiration
  6. Biggest challenge?
  7. What pushed you past your limit?
  8. Memorable game?
  9. If this sport was gone, what other sport would you choose to play?
  10. Did you ever hit a breaking point during training or game? If so, how did you get out of it?
  11. How do you mentally prepare before the game?


  1. I just try to relax and get ready for playing. I get myself to be positive and excited to play but I try to stay calm and focused at the same time.
  2. I started playing freshman year, but sophomore year was when I took off. Freshman year I tried out just because I figured it’d be fun and I’m glad I made the cut because it’s followed me through the other 3 years.
  3. Something I’ve got from this sport would be a sense of family on the court. We all have to think as one and trust each other.
  4. Being part of the team has made me more reliable and committed to things. It’s helped me make hard decisions easier.
  5. Don’t have one.   
  6. My biggest challenge would be shaking off my mistakes. I get too in my head sometimes after I mess up and it’s harder to play right and make it up after that.
  7. For Volleyball we have to do a lot of running, especially during summer league and tryouts and that definitely pushes me hard.
  8. A memorable game would be against Anaheim. It was still pre-season, but Coach Lau put me in as a starter and told me I earned my spot to play there and it was the first game I started this season and last season.
  9. I’m not sure if I’d be in any other sports. When I was little I used to want to do track but now I hate running so I probably wouldn’t do anything.
  10. There’s always a breaking point at some time during a season. You’re losing a game and everyone loses their energy, or you’re just so tired during practice and have to push yourself to keep going. You have to be tough on yourself for sure and realize you aren’t doing it for you anymore, it’s a team sport, you’re doing it for the other girls.
  11. Same answer as #1