Aspiring to Become an American Sign Language Interpreter – Ericka Solis, Class of 2013

        Ericka Solis, a GGHS Class of 2013 Alumni, is now currently a Senior at UC Merced. After high school, Solis moved right into the dorms at UC Merced, which became “the best decision I have ever made.” She is experiencing an emotional rollercoaster of excitement and stress as she is anxiously waiting to graduate in May 2017 with a Sociology Major and a Psychology Minor.                                                                                                                                                                                     

          Initially, Solis applied to Cal State Fullerton, Cal State Dominguez Hills, UC Merced, and Cal Poly Pomona. However, out of the four colleges, UC Merced was her first choice, because it was far away from home, and she was offered a lot of financial aid. Solis says, “To be honest, I applied as a sociology major only because they didn’t have a criminal justice major, but then I figured with sociology, I could go many ways with that degree.” Ultimately, Solis aspires to be an (ASL) (ASL= American Sign Language) interpreter in the court system.However, if she did change her mind, her backup plan would be to become an Elementary School Teacher with her sociology degree. Doing their best to contribute to the community is something Solis suggests for High School Students seeking to major in any field during college and to especially try their best in all their classes, but “if they want to apply to a UC, I would recommend being a well-rounded student.” For example, a well-rounded student is to not only have a good GPA and good SAT scores, “but to be involved in school, with sports, clubs, community service, a job, volunteer work. Stuff like that because UC’s look into all that as well, vs. a Cal State just looks at GPA and SAT scores.”

     Back then, she’s always known her desire in wanting to go to college, but today, she never thought she’d see her life the way it is now. Ericka expresses, “I’m a senior in college, living my own life, and I have learned so much these past 3 years and a half.” After her graduation, she will continue to fulfill her future by pursuing an AA (Associate of Arts Degree) in ASL translating, while trying to get a small job in a courthouse. Solis is currently living in a six bedroom home with her close friends, works on campus, and is currently in the process of starting a club. This gave her the potential to grow by learning how to be a responsible adult without her parents in which she states, “I love my life here as a college student.”