Art Outside the Canvas: Melvin Bautista (11)

Art can exist outside the canvas, whether it be heard from a concert hall or seen walking through convention centers– various forms of ideas or an arrangement of imagination are to be interpreted by those who become the unexpected audience. These concepts become a keystone in the culture of today‚Äôs society, with different spins and certain distinctive attributes that truly make them unique works of art — cosplaying has become a prominent and uprising subcultural activity and even lifestyle.

The idea behind cosplay is based on bringing a character alive with fashion accessories and costumes; usually characters from mangas, animes, comics, and more, by cosplaying you virtually alter yourself into a whole other person and place yourself in a perspective that you would not necessarily be able to have.

Melvin Bautista, decided to take up this hobby and has been working on a handful of full body costumes alongside detailed accessories to prominently showcase his characters.


> When did you start cosplaying?
> What inspired you to cosplay?
> How long does it take?
> Why do you enjoy it!?
> What’s the most difficult thing and the best thing about it?
> Are there any stories or anything you wanted to add about your hobby?


1) I started cosplaying my freshman year of highschool, just before halloween.
2) I was inspired by video games and comics with awesome costumes, such as Robin so I made a Robin costume!
3) My first cosplay took me about two weeks, I worked on it with my friend Luis for about 3 hours a day.
4) I enjoy it because I get to step into my favorite characters’ shoes and act like them!
5) The most difficult thing about it is conceptualizing, measuring and making templates for the actual costume before making a final draft. While, the best thing about it is the feeling of accomplishment when I look at everything I made and see that it looks perfect!

6) With the Nightwing costume I made before the Halloween of 2016, I found that preparation is always important for cosplay especially when it is worn for a long time! I learned this lesson the hard way when I found out that my costume shoulder pads were not secure so they kept falling off in the comic convention in Los Angeles Comic Expo!