Art Department Creates Masterpieces

Throughout the 2016-2017 school year, dozens of students signed up to take some form of art.  Whether it was through animation, ceramics, or even exploratory art, each student uncovered their own unique artistic abilities.

In Exploratory Art, students began working with basic sketches and learned about lines and patterns. The future artists also began working with size, color, and orientation to create colorful masterpieces.  They then began working on sketches of food using multiple colors and shadows.  The students also went through printmaking and created gorgeous inky pieces.

Ceramics began the year with simple patterned plates and gradually expanded their designs, learning how to create luminaries and vases. Students continued to take on more challenging projects, and sculpted puzzle boxes with many colors and designs. By the end of the year, they had advanced from smoothing plates into shape to sculpting complex pieces such as shoes, fish, and even people.

In Communication Art, students delved into the world of graphic design. They used computers to create geometric characters and designs and also learned how to work with digital tools like Photoshop in order to recreate movie posters and ads. These students have learned to take their artistic abilities and apply them to the modern world of digital business.

Advanced Drawing and Painting pushed many students to their artistic limits as they created intricate works with intense details. Throughout the year, they have painted gorgeous pieces filled with color and intricacy using a variety of mediums. In this class, the students began to master a variety of mediums, including acrylics, watercolors, colored pencils, and more. Over the year, these students brought color and life to the campus by displaying their artwork.

Animation students grappled with and learned the complicated technological process of creating digital characters and scenes. They started small, but slowly learned to make them move and bring their fun characters to life. The many student-created animations have featured adorable animals like cats, pandas, lions, bunnies, and bears. As students further developed their animation skills, they began to use superheroes in more detailed animations.

The dedication and flourishing creativity of the artistic Argos in this department has truly brightened our campus throughout the year. Thank you, Argos, for putting yourself out there and sharing your creativity with us! Your imagination and creativity are part of what make Garden Grove High School thrive.