An Argo’s Last Words Before The AP Exams

If you thought that you and President Eisenhower had nothing in common, think again. Our 34th president’s last words were: “I want to go. I’m ready to go. God, take me.” Chances are, you’re feeling the same way about your AP exams. You’ve spent a whole school year preparing for these tests by reading prep books, taking notes, enduring lectures, and making offerings to College Board so they could bless you with some 3’s. We’re betting our pennies, nickels, and dimes on you to pass your exams. Our only concern is…we’re not sure what will be left of your soul after all those Calculus theorems and rhetorical terms and history trivia leave your body. Just to be safe: any last (preferably intelligible) words before you step into the AP testing rooms?

Yatzari Acevedo (10):  Hope I Pass *insert crying emoji*

Suzanne Lopez (10):  May the force be with us May 11th

Natalie Luu (10): RIP

Sang Ong (11): Lord Jesus, guide my hands when I’m guessing,

Andrew Doan (11): As long as you get a 1-5, you still won’t be basic according to the PH scale.

Thien Do (11): May God help us all.

Hillary Tran (10): I am ready to fail and become an exotic dancer.

Michelle Phan (10): Come to my funeral.

Anh Hoang (10): Ded.

Khang Pham (11): Good luck to all my fellow ap test takers- don’t die.

Alex Nguyen (11): A 3 is college credit.

Dariana Meza (11): Take an AP class, they said. It will be fun, they said.

Estefania Gutierrez (12): Not all colleges accept 3s! Ahh!

Jessica Zamudio (12): Please send help.

Martin Tran (11): I just want to do well.

Itzba Jasco (11): Jesus, take the wheel.

Benjamin Viveros (11): Amen.

Jane Ho (11): I’m off to buy several packs of tissues at Costco.

Edreana Madria (11): Tell my family I love them.

Kathy Nguyen (11): After this, I can hang out and be social!


Justin Nguyen (9): See ya world.

Angeline Nguyen (9): I was destined to be on Mr. Lunow’s “Wall of Fame”

Aaron Nguyen (9): kill me now

Christine Vu (9): I wish I studied harder

Thanh Nguyen (9): lol I should probably start studying

Matthew Nguyen (9): I wish I hadn’t fallen asleep in his lectures

J.D. Victorica (12): I’ll see you in hell.

LyLy Tran (12): Bye.

Jessica Vo (12): Satan, why.

Tevin Vo (12): How bad can it be?

Kassidy Tran (12): I wouldn’t say anything. I’d just cry.

Uyen Nguyen (12): I paid $15 for nap sessions. (lol jk i’ll try)


Kim Nakhiengchanh (12): If you hear someone laughing maniacally or sobbing in the corner of the AP test room, that’s me.

Miyuki Yoshinaga (12): I’m not taking it because it’s too expensive, but good luck to everybody else! I hope you guys all pass and do well!

Brandon Nguyen (12): HA! Scrubs, I ain’t taking it.

David Tang (12): Here goes nothing…

Michael Than (12): In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit…