An Argonaut Love Story- Kristin and Ryan Prickett

Throughout the 95 years GGHS has been opened, there have been many high school relationships.  Many of these were shmomdaddanceort term but a few lasted long term and into today.  One of them being Kristin Natland, class of ‘95, and Ryan Prickett, class of ‘94.  Now Kristin and Ryan Prickett, the two will be celebrating 17 years of marriage and over 20 years of love in May.  The following is their story and how they came to be today.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Kristin Natland shared her story of love, “We met when I joined the marching band my sophomore year. He was on the drum line and I would be part of the band. I was joining band and we hung out a lot doing band functions.  We had our history classes right next to each other during the same period.  We had a mutual friend who knew that I had a crush on him and so one day before history class he ran into Ryan’s class and told him that “Kristin really likes you” and surprisingly he said he would go out on a date!  I was mortified but that was just the kind of guy the Gary was.  We ended up dating for more than a year and a half and when he was getting ready to graduate, we started to grow apart.  A couple years later I was shopping at the Buena Park Mall and he happened to be working at the KB Toys there and as I was walking by he came running out and started asking me how I was doing.  After that we started talking and calling each other again and and then we started dating again! A little over a year later, he proposed to me at Christmas time.  He bought me a ring and he wrapped it in this humongous box with a bunch of other boxes wrapped up inside, including a pop tart box with a full can of Dr. Pepper to give it some weight.  By the time I got to the bottom there was a ring and of course I said yes.  Wemomdadsadies got married in May of 2000, and now we have 3 kids!”

Ryan Prickett also told his side of the story, “Kristin was in the beginning percussion class and I was in the drum line.  I knew she existed, but I never really knew her.  It was my friend Robbie (Ryan thought it was Robbie because he was best friends with Gary, but it was actually Gary) that came to me and told me that Kristin liked me and wanted to hang out.  I ended up getting inviting over to her grandma’s house to play pool.  So I went over and we shot some pool on the red felt pool table, I really loved that table, it was so cool!  After that, we started dating.  We dated for over a year in high school.  I remember going to family weddings and such with her and her parents and grandparents a lot.  We did a lot of things together.  And then, sadly, we broke up in high school and it was awful with lots of tears and high school drama.  We didn’t talk for a few years… Then I think I once left a note on her car in college about her bad parking because she parked badly with her Camaro and we both went to Fullerton College.  I saw her occasionally and I think she had purple hair at the time so I moreweddingwas like “woah, what’s up with the purple hair!”  Then it was her best friend Jeanette that invited me to a baby shower.  I had seen Kristin a couple of times when she had popped by the KB Toy store where I worked.  My vehicle had been having troubles and I had been roller blading to work.  So I asked for a ride to the baby shower.  It really felt more like a date with Kristin, which was cool.  We started dating again and eventually got engaged and then we got married and then we had three wonderful kids.”

To this day, Kristin and Ryan love each other very dearly and without Garden Grove High School, they wouldn’t be together, and I, Kaitlyn Prickett, wouldn’t be here writing this article.