Ambassador Club

One contribution, commitment, community! Ambassador club was established more than five years ago to welcome foreign students and help them feel more connected to the school. Like many other clubs, one of Ambassador club’s main cause is to seek opportunities and volunteer events for the club members. Their main event for this year is the Disneyland Tinkerbell Run where we help out with the marathon. Some plans for this upcoming year is volunteering for the Rocket Launch event. As the board members shared that their other main goal is “to make volunteering for our community more interesting for the members.” Although small, Ambassador makes a huge impact on the community.

This year, Ambassador club is mainly run by sophomores.The officers for this year are Annie Ho(10) as president, Samantha Sotomayor(10) as vice president, Ryan Acierto(10) as secretary, Lisa Pham(10) as treasurer, Vivian Tran as ICC representative, and Tiffany Bui as publicity chair. Tiffany emphasizes on the importance of Ambassador’s club and “recommends people to join this club in order to get a better understanding of commitment and contribution as well as serving the community.” Check out to find more about the clubs.