Alpha Leo: The Next Big Thing On Campus

Leadership, experience, and opportunity– Alpha LEO provides high school students with the chance to become a leader and make a difference in their community. Ever since the first LEO club started in 1957 at Abington High School in Pennsylvania, LEO clubs have grown to over 6,500 clubs in over 140 countries. LEO clubs are the high school branch of Lions Club International, which recently celebrated a whole century of community service since 1917.

Andrew Nguyen (12) and Dominic Nguyen (12) are co-presidents of the Alpha LEO club on 

campus. It is only two years old, yet already has about 75 members. Andrew started the club because he wanted to “make a difference in the world and build future leaders.” He tells us, “I love Alpha LEO because of the people and the atmosphere it provides. The officers are very caring as they make everybody feel welcomed. In addition, we learn new skills with the guidance of the Garden Grove Lions.” The officers are Andrew Nguyen (12), Dominic Nguyen (12),Trevor Nguyen (11), Jennifer Truong (10), Andrew Truong (12), Tam Nguyen (11), Darien Lai (12), Michael Nguyen (11), Johnny Nguyen (10), Michelle Tran (10), and Brendon Nguyen (10). Andrew’s goal as co-president “is to have its members go out of their comfort zones and make an impact on the community. We could achieve 

it by having socials and doing community service at least twice a month.” Co-president Dominic’s goal is to “allow members to create memories and further expand our club.”

Alpha LEO has quite a few dedicated freshmen in their club already. Nancy Ly (9) reflects, “I joined because I knew Alpha LEO did a lot of community service events which was one of the things I was always really excited to do upon entering high school.” Joining clubs like Alpha LEO will enhance your high school experience. This club has already impacted Nancy’s life by “giving me a bigger purpose at school. Not only did I meet a bunch of amazing new people, but I actually get excited about being a part of Alpha LEO– be it events or just talking about Alpha LEO and ways to contribute.”

This club truly stresses inclusiveness– we are only 3 months into school, and they’ve already created such a loving atmosphere where everyone feels welcome! This is only the beginning for Alpha LEO. Soon they’ll be thriving beyond belief.