Academic Excellence: AVID Seniors

As the school year comes to an end, the AVID program organizes a senior banquet to celebrate the accomplishments of all AVID seniors. This year, three of our AVID seniors received the $5,000 renewable Kingston Technology scholarship: Jessica Pegueros, Alejandra Charco, and Eriana Moreno.

Jessica Pegueros, AVID standout, also received the $500 from the Schoolsfirst Federal Credit Union Scholarship. She shares, “receiving this scholarship is one of my greatest achievements, all of my hard work finally paid off and I’m so grateful for the opportunities that AVID has opened for me.” Mrs. Blackstone, a senior AVID teacher, adds, “Jessica Pegueros was the AVID senior standout this year, a student with tenacity and determination beyond all others. Though she has faced many challenges in life, she has never given up and has always put academics above all else. While juggling working two jobs and volunteering, she still maintains a 4.0 GPA. She is a wonderful young lady and I am very proud of all her accomplishments.”  

Eriana Moreno, a Kingston recipient, shares, “I really feel honored to have been awarded the Kingston scholarship. It will really help in college and I’m very grateful now and will be all throughout my four years in college.”

Along with the AVID scholarships, some of our AVID seniors also received outside scholarships that will aid the in their future endeavors. Quiana Reyes received a full ride to attend UC Merced in the fall. She shares, “I feel blessed to have been able to get a full ride, and I’m definitely happy because I was feeling overwhelmed in the beginning of the year; I didn’t know how I was going to pay for college.” In addition, Karen Grainie received $14,000 from Vanguard and Hope International awarded Koryn Varley with a $12,000 scholarship. Selena Guardado received the Chen scholarship, a renewable scholarship of $2,000. She expresses, Being awarded the scholarship was honestly shocking. I only learned about and applied to this scholarship because of AVID. I’ll always be grateful for AVID for always finding opportunities for me. I want to thank AVID and the AVID teachers because without them, I wouldn’t have gotten this scholarship. ”

Mrs. Blackstone concludes, “I know that as the AVID class of 2016 goes into the future, they will be met with challenges and successes just as I have this year, but they will ultimately succeed. I know that this is a class of students I will remember forever, as they were my first AVID class.”

Mr. Doan has some last words to share with the senior class. “In times of adversity and struggle, it is best to not look backwards for very long, but rather to let these experiences drive us to be the very best we can be. Regardless of the path you are taking as you continue your pursuit of education, I hope you all keep moving forward.”