A Series of Unfortunate Events

Ever had of those days where it seemed like the universe was plotting against you? Turns out you’re not the only one the universe is after. Bad hair days, difficult goodbyes, and awkward crush encounters are ruining all of our lives, too… and that’s not even going to be half of the misfortunes we’ll face in our lifetime. One day, we’ll get back at the universe for all the ways that it’s tarnished our social status, but for now, let’s cope by sharing: What’s the unluckiest thing that’s ever happened to you?


Jackie Moreno (11): Having to give my dog away.

Britney Martinez (11): A dog ripped my favorite pair of jeans.

Ray Gonzales (11): I hit a car riding my bike home.

Andrew Flores (11): Right when I opened my Arizona, a bird pooped right in it.

Anonymous: After spending a good amount of time and effort perfecting my rib-eye steak, it slid off my plate and faced its death on the ground.

Bruce Dinh (12): My cat peed on me while I was sleeping.

Nathan Bonifacio (11): My pants ripped in front of my crush.

Arvene Nueva (11): Not having enough food.

Andrea Corrigan (11): I was getting woke at night while walking barefoot and I stepped in dog poop!

Anonymous (11): I pooped my pants.

Mikel Soto (11): I was in a river on a raft being pulled by a boat when the raft hit a wave, and I flew off.

Thomas Chu (12): When I was two, I was riding my tricycle in the house. Then I went over the heater vent and fell over and lost my two top teeth in the vent.

Miyuki Yoshinaga (12): In 4th grade, I was sliding down the slide and I slid into a big puddle.

Ms. Cardoza: The black cat Lucky, who I rescued, and paid for, only loves my husband and ignores me.

Camryn Green (12): I fell off the front of my sister’s bike and scraped my knees to the bone.

Leyna Nguyen (12): I was cheated on.

An Pham (12): I’m alive.

LyLy Tran (12): My crush left my text on “seen.”

Crystal Nguyen (12): My crush got moved out of my class to a different period.

Veronica Solis (10): We lost the first round of CIF, 2/16/17.

Dan Vu (12): I’m too lucky.

Nhi Vu (10): I can’t go to my favorite band’s concert!

Alex Nguyen (11): I have to sit next to Jared in APUSH.

Jared Powers (11):  I have to sit next to Alex in APUSH.

Dariana Meza (11): Never have I thought I was unlucky.

Jimmy Lee (11): My kindergarten girlfriend moved to Georgia. Probably moved on by now.

Angel Nguyen (11): I got kicked on the head in martial arts.

Brandon Escobar (11): In sixth grade, I put my hand in a big pile of bird poop that I didn’t see.

Jefferson Nguyen (11): I sat on a wet bench today.

Long Nguyen (11): I fell off a chair when I was sleeping and broke my hand.

Valerie Tran (10): I’m a benchwarmer. Then I get put in a game, and like 5 minutes later I hurt my leg and can’t play for the rest of season.

Keri Tate (11): I was biking to Disneyland, and I crashed into a person walking on the sidewalk.

Kathy Nguyen (10): I busted my right leg right before preseason because I decided to run 6 miles the day before.

Dennis Nguyen (10): I got really sick during finals and had a fever during my Calculus final exam.

Minh-Thi Le (11): I hit my head on a pole that was my height.. I’m 4’11. I grew a bump on the side of my head the size of a golf ball.

Rosalynn Phan (12): I wore brand new Twinkle Toes Shoes (the sparkly ones) for the first time then stepped on poop. It forever smelled weird.

Joshua Rosas (11): On my way to school a bird pooped on my head and I had to wash if off in the school bathroom while my friends laughed at me the whole time.

Itzba Jasso (12): I had to move during the school year, so it was hard to study and do school work while helping move.

Peter Nguyen (11): I think out of all of my friends, I get hit in the “nono” zone in the weirdest way possible.

Jay Tran (11): I was out with my friends all day thinking I looked fresh, but I had a giant hole in the back of my jeans..

James Bui (12): I was playing volleyball at the south gym; we were just peppering until I ripped my pants, in the crotch area.. I sat down until everyone left.

Perla Flores (12): One Christmas eve, I got sick and kept on throwing up. All of my favorite foods made my day, but I couldn’t eat them..

Daniel Delgado (12): I called this girl by the wrong name on accident.

Julian Villanueva (11): I got stung by a bee on my genital.

Maliza Lemus (11): My head got stuck outside the car window because my mom put it up and turned off the car..

Danika Khong (11): A bird pooped on my backpack and I ended up standing in the restroom with my backpack soaked under the sink for like 15 minutes during third period. It’s aight though.

Melvin Bautista (11): I was in line for food, and when it was my turn, there was no more food..

Bryan Nguyen (11): Every time I saw a black cat on my way to school something bad always happened.

Dan Tran (11): I tripped over the wire of a projector.