A Day in the Life: Nancy Phan (2014) UCSB

Whenever I was asked why I chose to attend UCSB, I would just reply, “because it’s the best school I got into. ” Although this is true, being here made me realize that I chose to go to this school to meet new people and to leave my comfort zone. College is the the best place to do that because, for once, I’m on making my own decisions. I’m meeting new people and learning new things. Here is my college journey so far.”

The view from my dorm relaxes me when I’m stressing over college. Cropped out of this picture is construction to the left, so instead of hearing birds in the morning, I hear the peaceful sound of jackhammers.

My desk, with the view of the mountains and the syllabuses for my classes, is spacious until I do homework and have notebooks and papers scattered all on it. My “pimpkin” from Halloween sits in the back, along with my calendar to remind me when my midterms are.


My roommates, Anna and Ivonne, and me at the beach. Living with two complete strangers seemed scary at first, but I get to know them more and more each day. I continue to grow closer to them and I’m glad that I chose to have random roommates.


It’s always nice to have a little bit of home near you when you’re almost 3 hours away.

The first thing you learn at UCSB: the bus schedule. The bus is your best friend when you live a mile off of campus. Learn it. Know it. Live it.


The second thing you learn is where everything is relative to Storke Tower. I like to call it the North Star, because I can see it from anywhere on campus and can use it as a guide.

Typical day at UCSB, free boats for everyone. Walked two miles along the coastline and cliffs to find the boat. It was definitely worth it for the view of the ocean.


Even though I practically live on the beach, I can never get tired of the view. Seeing it in person is breathtaking every time.

Campus Point, where everyone goes to surf or to hang out. It’s extremely relaxing to just sit here and do homework or watch the sunset.

Located in the middle of the lagoon, the labyrinth is used to relax and to destress yourself. It’s all one line, so you can’t get lost but does take awhile to get to the center. You can’t graduate UCSB without going through the labyrinth at least once.


My friends and I came back at night to complete the labyrinth, and had numerous encounters with the raccoons that attend UCSB at night.

The view of campus from the other side of the other side of the lagoon, near the beach,  at night. You can see the North Star in the distance.



With a Rec Room right in the building, it’s always fun to play pool, ping pong, foosball, air hockey, or just sitting and watching TV. After a long week of homework and midterms, it’s relaxing to just chill and play with your friends.

This is my favorite door in all of UCSB because it’s exactly my height and it’s between two floors. I’m frowning though because it’s locked and I have no clue what is in it. I’ll find out one day though, trust me.

I discovered what it leads to, my new goal is to sign up for this class.