A Day in the Life: Harrison Khong (2014) UCLA

  1. Finished moving into my dorm. There’s not much…

  1. Finally made my bed… On my own!

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  1. There’s nothing going on right now, so I’m playing with my pets Fisher and Rocky.

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  1. Too tired? No problem; there’s shade everywhere.

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  1. Exploring Westwood!

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  1. Off to volunteer with my dormmate.

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  1. We volunteered with kids at the LA elementary school: We played with them, handed out school supplies, and painted murals on the walls.

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  1. UCLA’s activity fair–it’s a large club rush with over 200 clubs.

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  1. First time at Diddy Riese

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  1. Exploring Charles E. Young Research Library. It has a book made of human skin here!

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  1. First class in college: Chinese I

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