A Day in the Life: Dayna Nguyen (2013) UC Davis

This is just a fraction of what it means to be a UC Davis student. Aside from riding buses or bikes and sitting in lecture halls, there is a whole dynamic that can’t be captured in just one day. I’ve met the most inspirational group of friends yet, and each day I learn a lot more than just concepts and formulas and theories.”


1. Brushing your teeth is highly recommended, especially if you want to go outside.

2. Ah, cooking… this is actually my first time cooking fresh meat all by myself! It came out super well.

3. Direct contact with sunlight for the first time is always the hardest.

4. Biking in Davis is a must! This is how I get everywhere.

5. Off to campus! I bike about 1.5 miles to get to campus, and always arrive extremely sweaty.


6. Ahoy, the Segundo dorms of UC Davis! This is the final intersection before going onto campus.

7. So, I actually was running really late and got into a minor bike accident… but I’m in class now, taking notes for Greek myth.

8. Headed to lecture for biology; this is actually my favorite area on campus. To the left is the Sciences Laboratory, and in front of me (the glare prevents you from seeing it) is the Sciences Lecture Hall. Two very important buildings when you become a biology major.

9. This is inside SciLec, which is one of the largest halls on campus. This professor moves so fast I can barely takewritten notes; I have to look at her powerpoint and make quick annotations.

10. Friiiiiends. It was actually really awkward to take a picture in lecture, so it’s blurry. He’s one of the most hardworking students I’ve ever met, and he’s the reason why I’ve probably passed my classes.

11. Just another view of the lecture hall- I always look back before I leave since my friend is in the class after me.

12. Break time… sort of. I use this time to catch up on any club officer work I’ve slacked on. My friends have a little ring toss game to raise awareness for their club!

13. Another blurry snapshot of lecture. Welcome to organic chemistry…

14. These are my notes! If you’re heading into the chemistry major, be prepared to see a lot of little hexagons.

15. Heading home now… This is the Silo Bus Depot in the heart of UC Davis. How many schools have their own student-run bus system?!

16. A closer shot at the J line. This one takes me straight home. I know a biked to campus in the morning. I have to go home and return for my club meeting, so I’ll bike home when I return!