A better way to talk about love

A better way to talk about love

By: Mandy Len Catron


         As high schoolers we can benefit much from this Ted Talk, which explains someone else’s perspective on love. Sometimes love seems innocent,but in the Ted Talk by Mandy Len Catron–in her perspective  love positions us as the victim. As an English teacher, she believes that many metaphors we use to talk about love, “even most them–are a problem.” Whenever she thinks about  the word “love”, the word “smitten” comes to mind. The root word for “smitten” is “smite”, and if you look it up in the dictionary, it gives you some definitions of one being “grievously or disastrously stricken or afflicted,” and the other being “very much in love.” The metaphors we use for love and the experience of loving someone is to the maximum of wanting more, this is the whole purpose of love according to the metaphors people use to describe their feelings.     


      One particular metaphor she focused on is the idea of “love as madness;” In Western culture, the language compares love to mental illness. She used quotes from William Shakespeare, Beyonce, and other well-known stars  to describe how they felt about love. They all described the feelings as grief and sorrow.  


        Early stages of love are most likely to be “mad.” There are even studies to confirm that this is true and most relations start off like this. Having obsessive thinking about love is completely normal because we feel like this in our early stages. “But the good news is, it doesn’t always last that long–” When she got back home from South Africa, she spent most of her time in her room alone.  She was devastated to hear from the guy she loved who broke her heart.  She isolated herself from her friends because they didn’t understand her “grievous affliction,” “It was probably the most unhappy year of my life,” however she felt like it was her purpose to feel downhearted because she thought if she felt like the way she was feeling, it would really show that she loved him. She could prove it, they would ultimately end up together, “This is the real madness.”


       To conclude, love isn’t about losing or gaining someone’s affection it’s about thinking about what you can do to help the relationship. This version of love lets you decide how you want the outcome to be. Anyways, we’re just high schoolers. This is a good introduction of what the Ted Talk is about , so everyone should watch it.