Japanese Students Visit GGHS!

On December 14th, Japanese students visited Garden Grove High School, greeting each Argo with smiles and waves. From visiting Disneyland to the beach, they toured the campus and visited classes to learn how American schools differ from theirs at home. The host students met with their Japanese visitor early in the morning, giving them a glimpse of a regular day in an Argonaut’s life. ASB member, Jacqueline Dang (12) stated, “It was so great getting to meet the Japanese students. They came off as very shy and quiet, but at one point, ASB and the Japanese students were just having such a great time together, dancing and lip-syncing to One Direction.” As a welcoming gift, Korean Club, MECHA, and Japanese Club performed for the Japanese students during lunch. Lisa Ly (12), a member of the Korean Club expresses, “ I’ve performed for so many other events, but I’ve never felt so nervous when performing for the Japanese students. I’m glad I got to perform for them and interact with both MECHA and the Japanese students during one of MECHA’s performances.” To end off the day, Japanese students and their host students met up with the girls’ tennis team to play a fun, challenging game of tennis. Fatima Rivera (10) was glad to spend the day with her Japanese student. She saids, “I really liked shadowing a Japanese student. Despite the language barrier, we both put in our best efforts to make the day super fun and learn more about our cultures.” Goodbyes, hugs, and social media accounts were exchanged in the LMC, in hopes in keeping in contact with one another despite the distance. We can’t wait to see them again next year!