A Day in the Life: Alex Tann (2014) UCSD

  1. These people have been there since day one. Finally having to part with my family was difficult but chasing your dreams involves sacrifice.Day_in_the_Life_Alex_Tann_1
  2. You have to find time between studying, eating, sleeping, going to class, hanging out with friends, and clubs just to do laundry so you’ll actually have clean clothes to wear everyday.A_Day_in_the_Life_Alex_Tann_2
  3. UCSD’s Meet the Beach event exposes people to new things like kayaking, surfing, and the stunning La Jolla beaches. It’s like a huge party on the beach, a great experience.A_Day_in_the_Life_Alex_Tann_3
  4. It’s nice to have some old high school friends come and visit you once in a while. It’s like a little piece of home. A_Day_in_the_Life_Alex_Tann_4
  5. The welcome convocation and dinner marks your official acceptance into the Triton Family. There are guest speakers to inspire and motivate you. Not to mention the free food.A_Day_in_the_Life_Alex_Tann_5
  6. College can get really draining at times, physically and mentally. So make sure you take care of your well being by staying active and having fun along the way.A_Day_in_the_Life_Alex_Tann_6
  7. When registering for classes, make sure you research the professors to get the better ones. You don’t want to be stuck in a class full of 400 students for a couple hours during a terribly boring lecture. A_Day_in_the_Life_Alex_Tann_7
  8. I’ve actually lost weight trying to budget my dining dollars for the first week. As a college student, the words “free food” will become a way of life.  
  9. If sushi from a fancy venue costs about the same price as the food in the dining halls, why not treat yourself to some once in a while? Or maybe everyday?A_Day_in_the_Life_Alex_Tann_9
  10. Dorms are pretty tiny. And stuffy. Imagine having to share a 15×14 ft room with two other smelly people for a year. Yeah, not fun.A_Day_in_the_Life_Alex_Tann_10 
  11. Clubs, Orgs, and Frats/Sororities will do almost anything to get new members. They’ll even offer free food and exclusive opportunities to potential members.  So the question is: which ones to join?A_Day_in_the_Life_Alex_Tann_11
  12. Welcome week has a sort of club rush like how it is at Grove. Don’t pass up the opportunity to meet new people and get involved in a cause. Find your passion.A_Day_in_the_Life_Alex_Tann_12
  13. Find time to bond with your roomies. You don’t want to hate the people you’ll be living with for the next year. A_Day_in_the_Life_Alex_Tann_13
  14. There are an abundance of dances and parties at UCSD. Within the first week, there have been four dances. UCSD has had the reputation of being “socially dead”, but it’s not true. A_Day_in_the_Life_Alex_Tann_14
  15. The struggle in college is managing your “free time”. Make poor use of it, and you’re screwed for your midterms and finals. You also realize that you’re stupid at times.A_Day_in_the_Life_Alex_Tann_15