Boys Volleyball: Last Hurrah

Season is slowlIMG_8936y closing out but our boys volleyball have no intentions on stopping now. The general season has been a success, and with this they’re continuing to finish just as strong as for when they began. IMG_0206Since our last update, varsity quickly swept both Rancho and Santiago with (3-0) and j
nior varsity was able to dominate Santiago with (2-0) while resiliently pulling up a rally and
eventually ending their victory against Rancho with (2-1). Our boys then faced off against Bolsa, varsity left with (2-3) and lost to La Quinta with 2 sets vs 3. Junior varsity fought hard against Bolsa but also came out with a lost resulting in (1-2) but then, was able to take their mistakes and improve which led them to win against La Quinta with the score of (2-1). Don’t count our Frosh out just yet; against Bolsa, they completely dominated the sets with (2-0). After intense sessions of practice, Varsity was able to pickthemselves back up and dominate Los Amigos and Santiago (3-0), and junior varsity ended the week with (2-0) against Los amigos and (2-1) when facing Santiago. With a couple more games up ahead, our boys are ready to end this season with a bang.