5 Hobbies: Your Personal Guide to Winter Break

Winter is fast approaching, which means chilly mornings, cozy sweaters and boots, and delightful hot chocolate. Of course, you yearn for those two long weeks of winter break, when you can relax by the fireplace and feel festive. Winter break is your ultimate destination, yet it can become quite boring after twenty-five Christmas meals and movies. If you are idly sitting around, whether on an airplane to England or on your living room couch, never fear — here are five hobbies to keep you busy and relaxed this holiday season.

  • Volunteer. The best thing to do during this time of year is to give others a helping hand in your community. Experience the joy of giving by cheering runners on at charity walks, donating food to the food bank, and assisting the staff at your local library! Don’t worry too much about the value of your humanitarian efforts (who or what you volunteer for) because every small gesture counts. Sure, it can be tiring and cumbersome at times, but think about the happiness you’ll hand to others in need and the rewarding feeling you’ll receive after your hard work. 
  • Start a journal. Don’t let your pen go rusty this Christmas. Winter break is a great time to sharpen up your writing skills. With a pen and a journal from a local discount store, you can write just about anything: short stories, holiday trips, even boredom! It doesn’t have to be a lifetime commitment; it could simply be a winter’s edition of your wonderful life! 
  • Bake. Before you say that you “can’t bake,” stop and hear me out. If you can microwave noodles, then there is still hope. You don’t have to be a professional chef to whip up scrumptious baked goods; it’s as simple as getting a cheap baking mix from a grocery store and putting your baking pan in your oven. Take a chance and pick up some whisks and spoons because you’re in for an exciting ride. Who knows, your friends might even knock on your door the next morning to ask for more cookies. 
  • Knit. Knitting may seem intimidating at first, but it’s simply a matter of learning the patterns and using basic knitting needles. Watch brief instructional videos online, and soon enough, your fingers will be tying a slip knot and transferring one loop of string from one needle to another like it’s second nature. Save some money and give your grandma a break this holiday season with your very own sweaters. 
  • Ice skate. Gracefully glide through your winter break by going ice skating with your family and friends! Ice skating is a wonderful way to get the true feel of winter. If you’ve never ice skated before, don’t be afraid. Everyone gets stronger with every fall. Isn’t that also a metaphor for life?

Don’t be a couch potato. Use this time wisely to learn and experience new things! Happy holidays!