3 Words to Describe 2017


Fireworks burst in the air and the colorful sparks light up the sky; December 31st slowly fades away and January 1st comes to a start. Looking up into the sky, you start to form a smile as you reminisce on the memories from 2017. All the adventures and excitements fill your thoughts. Maybe your year was filled with many unexpected events, and full of stress, but calming peace at some points. Pick three words that describe 2017.  

Christopher Gomez (11): Letting myself down.

Stephanie Tran (10): I’m so tired.

Miriam Jimenez (11): Super duper exhausting.

Selina Huynh (12): Still no girlfriend.

Verna Nguyen (12): Just tryna graduate.

Annie Tran (12): Suicide after acceptances.

Trinh Vo (12): Kill me now.

Kayla Luong (12): No thank you.

Dominic Nguyen (12): Twenty. Seven. Teen.

Joseph Luong (12): Tired, hungry, cold.

Jefferson Nguyen (12): Baguette, pate, toasted.


Ana Avelarde (10): Tiring, short, and eventful.

Matthew Nguyen (10): Unique, stressful, and unforgettable.

Jennifer Truong (10): Spontaneous, improvable, fortunate.

Aaron Dinh (10): Wait for it.

Kacie Le (10): Procrastination, stress, and fudgesicles.

Vincent Thai (10): Exciting, optimistic, and quick.

Jason Tran (10): Worse than 2016.

Nancy Ly (9): Unpredictable, wild, and adventurous.

Meika Nguyen (10): Roller coaster ride.

Wendy Mejia (11): Educational, unexpected, and thrilling.

Tina Hoang (10): I am squeaking.

Karina Chavez (11): Unexpected, majestic, failure.

Vincent Tran (11): Big emotional trip.

Kyle Dang (11): Super dead grades.

Donna Nguyen (11): Eventful and sucky.

Vivian Tran (11): Family, fast-paced, grateful.

Veronica Ruvalcaba (11): Eventful, successful, stressful.

Tiffany Nguyen (11): Horrid, despair, hopefully2018willbebetter.

John Nguyen (11): Many famous deaths.

Vy Nguyen (11): Bye, you thotties.

Brianna Shaffer (11): Everything went wrong.

Natalie Nguyen (10): Exhausting, fast, hell.

Angeline Nguyen (10): ethic, monarchy, memes.

Diane Tran (11): Stressful, encouraging, exciting.

Natalie Luu (11): My grades suck.

Keri Tate (12): It’s FINALLY over.

Wendy Mejia (11): RIP my grades.

MinhNhu Tran (11): C is fine.

Martin Tran (12): Very tiring journey.

Tiffany Nguyen (10): Depressing, unexpected, opportunistic.

Bella Pham (11): Wait, what, no.

Anna Le (11): What just happened.

Dennis Nguyen (11): Why 3 words?

Tiffany Chau (11): Hectic, unexpected, heartwarming.

Natalie Luu (11): I am trash.

Anna Le (11): We played ourselves.

Hoang Nguyen (11): LMAO.

Johnny Nguyen (11): I’m your father.

Alan Vuong (11): RIP college dreams.

Matthew Duo (11): Nyx Nyx Nyx.

Thomas Huong (11): School is pointless.

Richard Ho (11): I hate school.

John Nguyen (11): School is hard.

Steven Avila (11): Disastrous, Chaotic, Horrible.

Kiet Nguyen (12): Wake me up.

Jocelyn Diaz (11): Kill me please.


Daniel Nguyen (12): Cold, Hot, Warm.

Nghiem Pham (11): Cold, Hungry, Why?

Janson Nguyen (12): Floor is lava.

James Peou (12): Fight Net Neutrality.

Danny Tran (12): I don’t know.

Khoi Phan (12): Daniel, Darren, Danny.

Bryan Vu (12): Steak, Noodles, Cheesesteak.

Cyna Nguyen (12): Please End Faster.

Martin Tran (12): Net Neutrality Died.

Diane Ngo (12): Kill myself.

Andrew Truong (12): Short, Adventurous, Eventful.

Peter Vu (12): Chill, Lazy, Fun.

Charlie Vu (11): Chill A F.

Alyssa On (12): Way Too Long.


Diane Ngo (12): Litty, steezy, brazy. $$

Tanya Nguyen (12): Where’s my mans?

Juliana Daravong (12): 5H the GOATS.

Jennifer Huynh (12): Let’s get Cane’s.

Sonnianne Pham (11): RIP net neutrality.

Howi Correa (12): Not my year.

Alma Contreras (12): Tragic, depressing, food.

Jessica Lindsay (12): Life’s fricken crazy.

Jennifer Dang (12): People are problematic.

Hanh Doan (12): Mans not hot…

Hang Nguyen (12): Who is you?

Bibi Espinoza (12): Skeettt, bop, bop.

Anon (12): Cash me ousside.

Natalie Luu (11): I hate school

Valerie Tran (11): Tiring, different, challenging

Jazmin Diaz (12): Waiting until June

Karely Cuevas (12): Exciting, stressful, unforgettable

Kelvin Huynh (12): Adventurous, groovy, rowdy

Kelly Melo (12): Stressful, shocking, exciting

Danika Khong (12): Coming of age

Kasey Dang (12): Not college ready

Darien Lai (12): Challenging, rewarding, rambunctious

Tony Menh (12): Thrilling, new experiences, busy

Linda Vo (12): Short, disastrous, unpredictable

MyLien Trang (12): Quick, scary, tiring

Caden Pham (12): Wild, life changing, great

Jessie Lindsay (12): Life’s crazy man

Karen Le (12): Long, extra, stupid

Nam Nguyen (12): Dramatic, boring, stressful

Jacqueline Chavez (10): Okay, ok, k

Kayla Castaneda (12): Eventful, challenging, memorable

Mya Shimizu (12): Tiring, crazy, sad.