Students as School Supplies

September 22, 2017 Tiffany Than

Survey Question: If you were a school supply, what would you be and why? School is right around the corner, so you can bet your pennies on seeing multiple sections of department stores loaded with […]

Argonaut’s New Teachers

September 22, 2017 Brandon Nguyen

New teachersThis year, four new Argonaut staff members were added to our campus. Mr.Vu, Ms.Tovar, Mr.Perry, and Ms. Leong shared their personal experiences, best memories, and facts about themselves. Why did you decide to be […]

Seniors: College Apps Timeline

September 21, 2017 Cathy Duong

We get it, seniors– you promised yourself that you would finish all your college essays and apply for all these scholarships during the summer — but then, well, summer sorta-kinda happened, and nothing is done. […]

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